Below are our frequently asked questions. We'll add more as needed to help provide all the information we can. If you have specific questions, please inquire on our Contact page.

  • How can I get local delivery?

    If you are within neighboring areas of Richmond, VA, we can arrange a drop-off of your order within a day or two. Please add a note to your order requesting local drop-off and your email or phone number and we will reach out to coordinate.

  • When will we see more in stock?

    As a small business, we are focused on thoughtful, organic growth and as such can only offer limited amounts of in-stock items. Everything shown on the site is available for purchase, however additional shipping time may be necessary to order out-of-stock products.

  • What's with your logo?

    We were inspired by the historic "Merchant's Mark" that tradesmen/merchants would use to identify their goods.

    • Read more about Merchant's Marks here.
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