Fine Goods for Fine Folk.

Dedicated to quality craftsmanship in form and function; in pursuit of fewer, better things.


Our home is more than what a simple definition can encompass. It... 

About our Products

We look for the best in both quality and craft while serving a function in your life. More than just decorative objects, we want objects to speak to you and to add to the story of home.

  • Fewer, Better Things

    We want your gifts to work well and stand the test of time. We actively seek out the highest quality, whether for a utility item, children's toy, self-care product, etc.

  • Craft + Design

    We strive to offer beautiful items made and designed with heart. Often handmade, always produced with care.

  • Function

    Even the utilitarian items in our daily lives can be elevated. Richmond Mercantile offers a variety of [dare we say] beautiful tools for the home.

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A heartwarming gift

Baskets and Bags

From French Baskets to hand-made canvas bags made in New England, we...